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Want to turn your screenplay into a graphic novel? Doing so has become appealing for screenwriters tired of getting the feedback that their original work is not based on pre-existing intellectual property. Turning your screenplay into a graphic novel is a way to create your own intellectual property (IP). But how can an outsider to the comic book industry create their own graphic novel? It turns out, as comics have increasingly moved into the digital space, this process has become democratized, and a bit more accessible. Many comic book companies still accept unsolicited submissions. The caveat, though, is those submissions...

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Creating your own intellectual property (IP) as a screenwriter is one of the most valuable things any writer can do. Hollywood is obsessed with IP beyond the point of reason. The majority of theatrical films released on a mass scale are now based on IP. For screenwriters, this can be frustrating. Shouldn’t the job just be writing a great original screenplay? That will always be valuable, but creating your own IP is just as valuable, and does not have to be debilitating or highly expensive to do. You can create your own IP on a budget. Creating a comic book...

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