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Receiving notes on your screenplay sucks. No screenwriter likes getting them. Or does it suck? Defining Buddhism is perhaps beyond the purview of this article, but the two-second definition of Buddhism is that the path to enlightenment is to cease craving impermanent things. This is also, coincidentally, the path to enlightenment in receiving notes on your screenwriting. Screenwriting is inherently egotistical. Any good screenwriter has a healthy ego, or perhaps a too-healthy ego. It takes a certain level of hubris to say, “My writing needs to be out there in the world.” Because of this, receiving notes is painful. Because...

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What does “market-ready” mean? A truism that floats around in screenwriting is to “never send a script out before it’s ready.” It’s safe to assume that most writers have no desire to send out a bad script to the market. The logical question that comes next is, how do you know when it’s market-ready?

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