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Does the quality of a script matter? Absolutely, it does. But once you reach a certain level of craft, there’s an even playing field, where other factors are the determining ones. Hustle is one of those factors. Let’s take two writers, and place their careers side by side. One of them is a WARPED GENIUS. The other one is a SOLID WRITER. The Warped Genius writes brilliant, compelling material. He’s not the next Aaron Sorkin, but he’s good. The Solid Writer writes meat-and-potatoes, base hit material. He’ll get the job done, but he’s not flashy. Now take an average year...

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Screenplay option agreements are both exciting and sometimes puzzling milestones in a new screenwriter’s career. The initial excitement of acceptance (instead of rejection) brings a flush of positive emotion. But the dense legal jargon in the contract is like a cold shower, that brings things back to reality.

Option agreements are basically like car rentals, with an option to buy. The producer gets the exclusive right to try and make your script into a movie, often for one year, sometimes six months, sometimes eighteen months.

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