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In the first article we talked about the idea of starting with a base foundation of relatable human experience, and only then introducing the horror element. So then of course the question becomes: What should that horror element be? Just like the story that surrounds it, the horror element should be drawn from universal human experience. Even if it’s expressed within a supernatural or folklore-ish manner, the thing or idea we use to scare the audience carries the best punch when it is in some way relatable. Creature feature. A creature feature is any story in which our horror element...

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One of the most important parts of the script is the opening sequence. This is sometimes referred to as the first-10, as we’re talking about business that happens in the first ten pages or so. Basically, the first, opening scenes of the movie. It’s typically best to use the opening sequence as statement of intention. Simply put: we’re letting the reader/audience know right off the bat what the movie intends to deliver. So if it’s a comedy, we open on a funny scene; if it’s horror, we open on a scary scene; if it’s action, we open on an action...

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