ScriptArsenal Studio Notes offers the writer the best of both worlds: The extensive development notes that a Studio executive or producer would provide in a professional development process, combined with a synopsis, broad-stokes comments and, most importantly, the all important Pass/Consider/Recommend rating which grants the screenplay possible qualification for the complimentary ScriptArsenal Scouting Services. Includes 1-2 pages of synopsis, 6-8 pages of comments, Arsenal Grid, scouting eligibility and a turnaround of 2-3 weeks (Rush available). 

Modeled after studio-style development notes, ScriptArsenal Studio Notes aim to support the writer as they delve deeper into the development of the screenplay, while allowing them the opportunity to qualify for scouting at a reduced cost. Areas of analysis include Writing Style/Presentation, Premise, Set-Up, Structure, Pacing, Characters, Conflict, Dialogue and more.

Note: When you place your order, you will be able to download your script in PDF or Final Draft format. If you would prefer to sent the script via email, please send it to

Studio Notes

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