This is a comprehensive package that can take you all the way from a rough draft to industry ready. This includes a 3-Reader Regular Coverage, 2 Phone Consultations, 2 Comments Only, Arsenal Grid, scouting eligibility and a 2-3 weeks turnaround for each round of coverage.

For the writer seeking in-depth and ongoing evaluation of their work, ScriptArsenal has created our Studio Development Services. The Studio Development Pack starts with a 3-Reader Regular Coverage, allowing you not only to gauge how your screenplay would fare with multiple analysts, but then to select from those analysts the one most suited to support you with the further development of your screenplay. Once you have received your 3-Reader Regular Coverage and selected the analyst whose comments best resonated with you, you will be invited to conduct a 30 minute Consultation Call with them to best determine how to further develop your screenplay. Once your screenplay has been rewritten, you will send the script in for a Comments-Only coverage report, which will be followed by a second 30 minute Consultation Call with your analyst. At the completion of your second rewrite, you will send your script in for your final Comments-Only Coverage from your analyst.

Note: When you place your order, you will be able to upload your script as a PDF. If you would prefer to send the script via email, please send it to

Studio Development Pack

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