Our most popular product will provide you with a synopsis of your script and the valuable feedback necessary to get your script in shape. This Includes 1.5-2 pages of synopsis, 2-3 pages of comments, Arsenal Grid, scouting eligibility, and a turnaround of 2-3 weeks (Rush available). Choose from 1-6 analysts.*

*There will be an additional $2/page fee for any scripts over 120 pages.

If you are seeking an insightful, unbiased critique of your screenplay, whether you are on your first or final draft, ScriptArsenal Regular Screenplay Coverage is for you. Our reports are produced by professional analysts and allow you to prepare for the industry by receiving an honest and constructive opinion without the consequence of professional rejection. Gauge how your screenplay would fare in the industry and possibly qualify for the complimentary ScriptArsenal Scouting Services.

Note: When you place your order, you will be able to upload your script as a PDF. If you would prefer to send the script via email, please send it to info@scriptarsenal.com.

Regular Screenplay Coverage

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